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Revolving Chair

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Where there is a solution, there is a design. This design is to solve the problem of discomfort, immobility and lack of good aesthetics in workplace.

A chair designed for comfort but professional looks; 360-degree movement while being rooted at the bottom and for an attractive appeal to sour eyes in dreary hours of the 9 to 5. This simple office chair is just what you need to modernize your office space and make it everyone’s favorite place to hangout at.

Revolving Chair 6

The chair’s design and form enable it to fit into different styles of settings, effortlessly. Be it an indie office space or a complete corporate zone. This precise piece of furniture can speak volumes for your taste.

The overall structure that is crafted from wood, latently supports a steal mechanism that was specially designed and manufactured to revolve and be able to tilt for utmost comfort. The bearings for the same mechanism were cast and crafted specially for smooth perfection. Further the seat was covered in feather like foam and a classy outdoor material that is rugged and classy at the same time.

Revolving Chair 7

Crafted using only long lasting and functionally durable materials, this chair can have a lifespan that can outrun yours. Designed with sturdy hand-crafted wood panels to withhold high amounts of weight with a hidden metal mechanism that enables the chair to move in all directions for rotation as well as for the tilt. It’s the perfect amalgamation of pause and play, stagnancy and movement, permanence and unpredictability.

Revolving Chair 8



To create the most delicious of dishes, all the perfect ingredients in the right proportions must be used. In case even one ingredient isn’t in the correct amount it can ruin even what could be the mouthwatering.

Creating chairs, is an affair just like that. Only the right materials in the right amount will add up to something worth using well, looking at and investing in.

Wood for the strength and support of the chair, metal for the core functioning, and an outdoor fabric for the right balance of soft with strong. The fabric is used specially to provide that contrast of comfort in the middle of strength.

Exploded View

Revolving Chair 9

In a glance, to understand the intricacies that go behind the creation of a simple looking chair. The layers and hours of calculated work lead by multiple sessions of trial and error. Here’s an understanding of the anatomy of this one of a kind chair.