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About Us

A story that started generations ago, A story that continues to be written and lived even today, A story worth reading, worth meeting.

About Us 2

Teleporting long back ago in France where the family art and business took birth through Mohanlal Rathod, the grandfather of Sanjay, Manish and Jayesh Rathod. Proof, that a love for tools, fabrics, drapes and unique furniture runs in the blood of these men.

After that, Mohanlal Rathod moved on to Madagascar in the year 1937 to expand this interest, his knowledge and the business.

Followed by that, the family moved to India in the year of 1942 to carve out an identity as well as to make a home for themselves in the country. This journey that was then started with a lot of heart and courage is one that keeps building itself regardless of the time that goes by.

Fast forwarding to today, the three brothers, Sanjay, Manish and Jayesh have built a name in the field of curtains and upholstery. Leading with their creative paradigm and a conviction to serve the best quality; their work speaks for them.