Scissors 1


It was from childhood that the three brothers were taught some golden rules. One of these many rules or what one could say flowed through their blood was to never invest in gold when they have some extra money to spend, rather to spend it on awe inspiring equipment and tools that add value to their lives.

Today they own a collection of various such tools and never fall short of them. One such collection of tools they posses is that of scissors. Its hard to imagine how this sharp mouthed tool can be a precious collectible to somebody. But the brothers identified the beauty that lies within the knowledge of this piercing tool.

Scissors 2
Sharp and perfect like their work ethics, this tool is crafted keeping in mind the material it is to cut. Every material is paired with a pair of scissors designed specially for it. While there are materials galore in the trade and business of curtains and tapestry what silently comes along is the fathomless variety of exquisite scissors from around the globe.