Black Chair 1



Black Chair

Simple things have the power to speak louder than those with a million things to say. Similarly, this simple chair took birth on a sketchbook and was crafted step by step to form a royal and clean throne.

Starting from scratch, this dining chair was first made in the form of a miniature model to understand its structure and functionality better and in order to make changes if any. After being finalized a wooden skeleton was fashioned in this geometric pattern that is sleek and bold.

Further for the draping of the chair in fine cloth, a regal paisley patterned black art leather was chosen in combination with a white art leather that sported patterns of waves. Together the lethal combination gave life to the chair. But even the simplest of things are given the most amount of attention to detail and driven towards perfection. On every edge that diverges in it’s angles the paisley pattern of the black leather will magically always be found to be matching.

Black Chair 6

The chair is made with such a close eye and perfection that every edge matches the pattern of the other to make it impeccable, like a piece of art that can be enjoyed every day.