Roman Shades 1

Roman Shades

While some curtains stand out and steal the show, some blend in and still steal the show.

Roman Shades 9

This particular project required the curtains to blend into the wall like a second skin. While one may think that that must not be so hard to do, it isn’t easy either.

The mechanism and motor of a curtain takes a certain amount of unavoidable space, making the curtain and its structure jut out of the wall; which in this case was to be prevented. After brainstorming and trying out a few things a unique solution was derived. It was proposed that an incision be made inside the wall of the same size of the motor in order to completely conceal it and push it inwards in order for the curtain to perfectly merge into the wall.

Roman Shades 10

These wall hugging curtains smoothly blend into the décor and give out a sophisticated and finished look.