Thirty Feet 1

Thirty Feet

On being introduced to any project a few things are scanned and absorbed almost instantly; such as the immediate surroundings of the project. In this case, the first thing that comes to notice is the glass window that is of one continuous stretch without any member or adjoining marks.

Thirty Feet 9

The very first observation helps make the very first decision that similarly, the curtain must also be one continuous stretch of fabric like the glass. Next the window is in an area that is surrounded by green plants and trees and overlooks a garden of a sort. Based on that the material of the curtain is decided, which is Jute. Jute is such a material that looks organic as well subtle, blending into the space perfectly.

Thirty Feet 10
Thirty Feet 11

Yet that is just the start of it. Further from a range of options the perfect hue of jute is decided. Like any other cloth jute also has a front side and a back side that look different from one another. Another layer of jute is added to the curtain in order for it to be uniform on either of its faces. The mechanism and other parts are added and slipped in into the center between these two layers in a concealed manner.

Thirty Feet 12

After the curtain is perfected after several rounds of trial and error the gigantic curtains weighs about 250 kilograms. Making the curtain is one thing but the task is to prop it in place successfully. With the aid of about a dozen pairs of hands the curtains are fixed into place impeccably.