Puff Chair 1



Puff Chair

Add a unique member to your household, or add a dozen; this puffer chair is as versatile and quirky as it gets. This tiny chair is perfect for dressing tables or to be placed near shoe racks or other random places in a household where a few moments of sitting are required but nothing that takes up too much space.

Puff Chair 6

Commencing by setting the plywood in a glued position in order for it to permanently acquire the curved shape, further trimming it into the right shape followed by layers of veneer and polish is a process that takes a great amount of time and supervision for solely the outer structure to be ready for use. For the second part, a small wooden base for the puffed area was designed and given a cushioning before being skillfully draped and coated in the material that is visible on the outer surface.

Holding these two structures together is an aluminum base that sits at the bottom of this unique piece of furniture. For extended use and preserving the chair for a longer period of time a matching cover is also provided for the maintenance and protection of this fashionable chair.