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A gigantic chair for those with an eye for comfort and style, this chair can be divided into 3 parts.

The internal structure or the skeleton of the chair is first molded with flexible ply into the shape that the chair is to take further. After this lengthy process of getting the structure on the top correct, the base of the chair is worked on to achieve perfection. These specially designed feet of the chair have a mechanism that helps the chair to have the ability to tilt back and forth as needed.

Further, the structure is heavily coated in layers of foam to make it as comfortable as a bed. The outside is draped in art leather of quirky colors that can brighten any space and make it look sophisticated. The inside is also draped with the utmost attention to detail, each crease is fashioned with the motif of it looking its best possible version.


This lounge chair is bigger than the usual chair but is larger in comfort and style at the same time.